HOME BUILDING can be an expensive proposition for most. Fortunately there are many inexpensive alternatives available today to the traditional methods of structure building and design. Some of these methods are new and some have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, although they have been refined and improved upon over time. Have a look at some of these alternatives below and follow the links to get more information!

Adobe Home BuildingADOBE STRUCTURES are inexpensive and an excellent method to consider when choosing an alternative building method. These structures are popular in the southwest. Adobe has been in use as a building material for a thousand years and modern adobe structures improve upon the design. Click on the photo for a larger image of this adobe home or click here for more information.

Straw Bale Home BuildingSTRAW BALE STRUCTURES I know it sounds weird, but this method of structure building is very cost effective, superinsulated and ecological. They are fun to build and live in, owner and builder friendly and expandable to boot! Click on the photo for a larger image of this structure or click here for more information.

Log Cabin BuildingLOG CABINS You've seen them before. President Lincoln was born in one and they've come a long way since then. Log structures range in price greatly depending on the square footage and design. click here for more information.

Earthbag/ Papercrete Home BuildingEARTHBAG/ PAPERCRETE HOMES Earthbag construction has been gaining popularity, especially since the introduction of polypropylene bags which are rot resistant. The bags can be filled with a variety of soils or mineral material and can be built "DIRT CHEAP!". If you want more info about this click here.

Build it Yourself!BUILD THIS CABIN YOURSELF! Here is an outfit that will sell you the plans to build this nifty lil' cabin. Get started now by clicking here.

Modular Home BuildingMODULAR HOMES are built in the factory and then assembled on your land site. This is an excellent alternative if you want the look of traditional home structures but want to save a few bucks! Click here for additional information.


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