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The original San Acacio was founded in 1853. The first settlers fought the Indians in the name of San Acacio (Saint Acacius), a Spanish soldier

The second San Acacio was laid out 150 years later by the Costilla Estate Development Company in 1909 It was the most promising of the Company's towns. Offices of the development company and a Ditch and Reservoir Company were there, as well as a post office, a hotel and a vegetable warehouse. The San Luis Southern Railroad, arriving in 1910, built a two-story depot.

The bank of San Acacio was robbed of around $4,000 in 1922, but the Costilla County Sheriff, a sheepherder, got a tip and nabbed the thieves. All but $5 was returned to the bank. It is thought the $5 was spent on bootleg whiskey.

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