In this section, OTHER ALTERNATIVES FOR RURAL HOMES, we will try to cover some various topics that did not fit under the Cellular Phone Service, Solar Power and Alternative Home Building sections.

GeneratorsGENERATORS can be a great way to create some serious power to your home, either as a primary or back-up system. Generators range greatly in price depending on the amount of power they generate as well as the brand name. Click here to get an idea of pricing and generator output.

Pellet StovesPELLET STOVES A great and inexpensive way to heat your home. Some of these stoves are convertible and have battery back up. Click here for more information.

Coal Burning StovesCOMBO STOVES These stove are made to burn, coal, wood or pellets and have optional grill tops for cooking! Get the lowdown on combo stoves by clicking here.

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