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Credit Cards,BBB   >  Land for Sale   >  Alaska Land Auctions   >  Parcel# AK-30/10/DL [925]

Alaska Land for Sale, 4.06 Acres Wilderness
Near Deadman Lake! Remote!

Your Winning Bid is the DOWN PAYMENT PRICE of the Property!
Your Down Payment will be subtracted from
the assumable balance of $19,900!

Guaranteed Financing is offered by the seller
to the winner of this auction!

Installments as low as $214 monthly!
Owner Financing! - No Credit Checks! - No Qualification to Own!

Payment for Your Winning Bid is due within 2 Business Days
after the auction ends.

Payments can be made On-Line at

Please take the time before you read any further to understand this is The Last Frontier, The Wild Wild West. There will be no nearby market, 711, Gas station, Liquor store and no beauty salon.There are animals here that can ruin your day quite quickly if you are not prepared with the right equipment and that includes high powered rifles, hand guns and knives. You are not going to drive there in a lowered corvette. You are not going to be able to get all the way to your property with a 4X4 vehicle although you will be able to get part way there with a 4X4 and an all terrain vehicle.. You can fly in with an Air Taxi which is a common way to access this type of land in Alaska. You can also Snow Cat to your land in the winter. You can build a cabin over time with the timber on the land if you wish or bring in building supplies over time as others have done to build. You can take in an all year round tent, and store it on the land to use it as you develop. This is not lakefront land but has deeded access to the lake and to the public land that totally surrounds the lake. Lakefront land can run in the $80,000 range so this parcel that is close to the lake but not lakefront is a great buy. So, if you are still reading please read on. This auction is for a 4.063 Acre Parcel of Land in the Deadman Lake Subdivision: Lot 30 in Block 10. The assorted cabins and float plane visible in the pictures are not included in this auction...

The Development is bordered by seemingly endless miles of public lands for hunting, hiking or fishing. It is located on the map about 60 miles west of Fairbanks, and about 4 miles west of the Tanana River, in a remote setting offering excellent recreational opportunities. This is your chance to acquire that remote piece of land and build that rustic cabin you've always dreamed about. The area has lakes, rivers, ponds and streams, including the pristine 490 acres of Deadman Lake itself, teeming with northern pike and other sport fish. It is a place that dreams are made of, clear air, magnificent water, and mountain views.

There are no utilities to the property, as is the case with nearly all Alaska property outside city limits. This property is not remote by Alaskan standards, and there are already about a dozen homes and cabins in this increasingly popular subdivision. There are no time limits to build your cabin, and best of all, there are NO PROPERTY TAXES!!!

The State of Alaska requires ADEC approval for sewage disposal systems. Your well must be a minimum of 100 feet from your septic system.

Directions to the Property

By road and trail Deadman Lake is located about 80 miles west of Fairbanks, and by trail about 20 miles east of Manley Hot Springs.

The fastest and easiest way to Deadman Lake is by floatplane. In Fairbanks and other nearby communities you'll find many local air taxi services that can get you there quickly and inexpensively. (If you are a pilot, you can fly there too.)

Rather than travel the 20 miles of highway and 60 miles of trail from Fairbanks to Deadman Lake, some prefer to drive the Elliott Highway west from Fairbanks for about 150 miles to the town of Manley Hot Springs, enjoy the hot springs, and then double-back southeast for about 20 miles of trail to Deadman Lake. The Nenana-Tanana Trail (also called the 'Serum Run Trail' or 'Sled Road', a historic mail and telegraph route linking Manley Hot Springs to Nenana, Tolovana, Tofty, and Tanana), runs right through the middle of the subdivision. Locally it's called Telegraph Avenue, and runs along the north edge of the lake.

You can also travel by boat to the confluence of the Tanana and Tolovana Rivers, and from there approximately 4 miles west along the trail to the subdivision.

About the Historic Telegraph Trail

The trail from Manley Hot Springs follows the Historic Telegraph Trail that was put in by the Telegraph Co over a century ago to accommodate the telegraph line between Manley Hot Springs and Fairbanks. Today, the trail is used by many local residents as a major access to the pristine wilderness that surrounds the lake and river area. The Tanana River is about 4 miles away from the lakeshore and provides a major form of river travel that connects with the mighty Yukon River downstream about 40 miles. The area offers unlimited recreational opportunities including hot springs, caves, cross country skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, golfing, wildlife viewing, camping, and endless ATV and snowmobiling opportunities! Nearby Fairbanks and surrounding communities are unique in friendliness, history, geology and services.


The hot springs in Manley are an attraction among those seeking pure solitude. When you get to Manley Hot Springs, check in at the Manley Roadhouse (Mile 152) for accommodations and details about soaking in the hot springs.

Further north, you'll find the Arctic Circle Trading Post, at Mile 49. The shop offers an official Arctic Circle registry, in which you can list your name and receive a souvenir certificate of arrival to the far north. Though there are several campgrounds and a few places to resupply along the way to the Arctic Circle, you can expect the mostly gravel road to be lightly traveled.

Denali National Park is Earth's largest wildlife sanctuary and the home of 20,320 foot Mount McKinley. This area is surrounded by pristine rivers and lakes, and is covered with spruce, willow, birch and alder trees. Wildlife common to the area include moose, bear, eagles, and of course Alaskan salmon. Nearby rivers and streams are all loaded with fish and ready to be explored.

Location: Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska
Listing ID: AK-30/10/DL

Please read the following before you bid!

The Winning Bidder will assume a balance of $19,900.
The amount of your Winning Bid will be deducted from
the assumable balance as your down payment!

This property comes with a 20-year finance option at 12% simple interest
with monthly payments of approximately $214.
Monthly Payment may vary slightly based on final Down Payment Amount.

There is no Prepayment Penalty, and we offer a
5 Percent Discount on your unpaid balance when prepaid in full.


Buyer will receive a 1-Year Parcel Exchange Privilege at no cost.
(Some properties may not be available as an exchange.)

This Parcel is offered with Owner Financing and no qualification to own.

This Parcel is within a Legal Recorded Subdivision or Plat.
This Parcel may be subject to Protective Covenants.
Title insurance is available on all Parcels.
We Guarantee a free and clear Title!

To Obtain more information:

Send an email to

- Or -
Call and speak to Billy directly! 1-949-933-0721

Visit this Link for Auction Terms and more information regarding
Bidding and Participating in this Auction.

Be certain that this land is suitable for your needs
before you place your bid.

It is your responsibility to determine if this
property is suitable for your specific needs!

Be certain that you have no unanswered questions before you place your bid.

The winning bidder will be contacted by email
immediately after the end of the Auction.

The winning bidder must contact me at

within 24 hours after the end of the Auction.

A 'Documents Processing Fee' of $249.00 will apply to each auction,
and covers the cost of document preparation and FedEx Mailings.
This fee is due no later than 10 business days after the auction closes.

Please, do not bid if you find any aspect
of these terms to be disagreeable.

Approximate Latitude/Longitude: 64.845100,-149.924900

Get driving directions to this location.


The Winning Bidder will assume a balance of $19,900

The amount of the Winning Bid will be deducted from
the assumable balance as the down payment!

Bid History
$740.00  Bid #6  (Placed on Wed Jul 10 04:33:11 2024)
$730.00  Bid #5  (Placed on Tue Jul 9 08:31:26 2024)
$720.00  Bid #4  (Placed on Tue Jul 9 01:40:20 2024)
$710.00  Bid #3  (Placed on Tue Jul 9 00:55:55 2024)
$700.00  Bid #2  (Placed on Mon Jul 8 21:07:28 2024)
$690.00  Bid #1  (Placed on Sun Jul 7 00:47:07 2024)

 (Seller's Reserve Price was not met) 

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