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  1. All of our Land is sold with a 365-day exchange Policy...
  2. ...take up to one year to decide if the land is right for you.
  3. None of our Land has unpaid Back-Taxes...
  4. will never have to pay for a prior owner's unpaid Back-Taxes or fees.
  5. All of our Land is free of Liens or other Encumbrances...
  6. will receive a Title which is guaranteed to be 'Free and Clear'.
  7. All of our Land can be accessed legally by county or private road.
  8. None of our Land is 'land-locked' by surrounding parcels of land...
  9. will never have to cross over another person's land to get to your land.
  10. All of our Land includes the option to be financed, with no Credit Check required.
  11. We have High-Definition Land Videos available for many of our Properties.
  12. went on-line in October of 1997, 25 years and 11 months ago!
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We have Cheap Land for Sale starting at $811 per Acre!

78 Residential-Quality Parcels priced below $5,000 per Acre.

This list shows only land priced
below $5,000 per Acre.
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Cheap Land in Alaska 12 Parcels starting at $1,740 per Acre
Cheap Land in Arizona 2 Parcels starting at $3,580 per Acre
Cheap Land in California 3 Parcels starting at $4,179 per Acre
Cheap Land in Colorado 22 Parcels starting at $811 per Acre
Cheap Land in Missouri 11 Parcels starting at $2,675 per Acre
Cheap Land in New Mexico 15 Parcels starting at $1,590 per Acre
Cheap Land in Oregon 1 Parcel priced at $1,041 per Acre
Cheap Land in Texas 11 Parcels starting at $1,245 per Acre
Cheap Land in Utah 1 Parcel priced at $872 per Acre

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What makes Cheap Land such a good investment?

  History has proven it is literally impossible to lose money owning land if purchased cheap enough and if held long enough.

  Though it's true that today's stock prices are also 'cheap', there remains a significant difference between stocks and land. No one can predict with absolute certainty how the Stock Market will perform. No one knows which companies will survive and prosper in the years ahead and which companies will be mismanaged by greedy CEO's, outdated by new technology, or otherwise fail to perform. But every single acre of land that exists today will still be here in the future. Many large and profitable companies of 25 years ago are gone and worth nothing today, but every single acre of land is still here and worth far more today than 25 years ago.

  Why will land values continue to rise? There are many reasons why, but two are most important. First, simple economic inflation causes everything to increase in price, including land. Second, an expanding population creates an increasing demand for land, however new land cannot be manufactured to accomodate this increasing demand.

  Thus an investment in cheap land can offer security, future financial rewards, and a hedge against economic inflation.

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