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This is our current list of Arizona Land for Sale with Cheap Monthly Payments...
All parcels are in recorded developments! A Free and Clear Title is Guaranteed! 

This list shows only Arizona land with Monthly Payments
less than $200 per Month.
You may want to view all of our Land for Sale.

Arizona Land for Sale, 1.25 Acres, near Holbrook
Close to I40, Quiet Area
Arizona Land for Sale, 1.25 Acres
Cheapest Monthly Payment Option:  $109
Purchase Price: $4,900
Parcel #: AZ-NAV-75-RANCHO-3

Arizona Land 2.5 Acres - Beautiful High-Desert Setting
Sunsites Ranches, AZ - Quiet and Secluded Area
Arizona Land, 2.50 Acres
Cheapest Monthly Payment Option:  $112
Purchase Price: $6,900
Parcel #: AZ-CHS-537/SSR-2

Arizona Land 1.21 Acres - Beautiful Open Grassland
Beautiful Natural Surroundings - Plenty of Open Space
1.21 Acres, Arizona Land for Sale
Cheapest Monthly Payment Option:  $120
Purchase Price: $7,900
Parcel #: AZ-APA-381/APE-3

Arizona Land 1 Acres - Cocho Valley, AZ
Quiet and Secluded Desert Land -
1.0 Acre of Arizona Land
Cheapest Monthly Payment Option:  $132
Purchase Price: $8,900
Parcel #: AZ-APA-01/47/CV-6

Arizona Desert Land 1 Acres - Concho Valley, AZ
Beautiful Desert Surroundings and Distant Views
1.0 Acre of Arizona Land
Cheapest Monthly Payment Option:  $140
Purchase Price: $8,900
Parcel #: AZ-APA-03/47/CV-6

Arizona Land for Sale 2.69 Acres - Sun Site Ranches
Beautiful Secluded Area - Mountain Views
2.69 Acres of Arizona Land
Cheapest Monthly Payment Option:  $150
Purchase Price: $8,900
Parcel #: AZ-CHS-1401/SSR-4

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