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Credit Cards,BBB   >  Land for Sale   >  Colorado Land Auctions   >  Parcel# CO-CST-11/74/WHM-F [485]

Colorado Land for Sale 2.2 Acres, Beautiful Valley Area
Quiet and Peaceful Southern Colorado Setting

Your Winning Bid is the DOWN PAYMENT PRICE of the Property!
Your Down Payment will be subtracted from
the assumable balance of $14,900!

Guaranteed Financing is offered by the seller
to the winner of this auction!

Installments as low as $265 monthly!
Owner Financing! - No Credit Checks! - No Qualification to Own!

Payment for Your Winning Bid is due within 2 Business Days
after the auction ends.

Payments can be made On-Line at

2.27 Acre Lot For Sale Tucked Away In Colorado Mountains

When you picture acres and acres of flat open land, surrounded by mountains and breathtaking sunsets, you are probably picturing Costilla County. This small, rural mountain city has a population of fewer than 4,000 people and is an ideal place for investors looking for space, privacy and mountain views. It is here, just 200 miles south of Denver, that you will find this impressive 2.27-acre lot for sale.

About The Lot

This broad lot is covered in small to medium size sage bush, and the ground is rocky. The elevation changes slightly throughout the property but is mostly flat. An access road leads right up to the property line, and there are a few residential properties in the immediate area. The flat land is practically build-ready, and the location is perfect for individuals looking to get away from the lights and sounds of the big city.

Costilla County's Natural Beauty

This lot is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Close to fishing, hiking, nature trails, camping, and hunting, there are recreational activities close by so you can enjoy all four of Colorado's amazing seasons. Fishing and boating are popular in the nearby San Luis Valley and Eagle Rock Lake. There are many RV and primitive campgrounds within 30 minutes of the property, but bigger, more popular parks like The Rio Grande National Park and the Great Sand Dunes National Parks are over an hour away. The biggest draw to this rural lot is the proximity to some of Colorado's most impressive peaks, including Culebra Peake and Blanca Peak

Comforts and Conveniences

This 2.27-acre lot is for investors who are looking for space vs. modern amenities. This lot is tucked away from major shopping malls and entertainment venues, and the closest grocery store is about 40 minutes away. If you're tired of cooking dinner, there are locally owned restaurants and cafes 20-30 minutes away, including The Crazy Beaver and Val's place. In the winter, locals head an hour and a half south to the Angel Fire Ski Resort. The vibrant city of Denver is only three hours away, and 2.5 from Santa Fe New Mexico. If you're looking for a quiet mountain community with a few local amenities, you'll love this lot.

Costilla County is known for its expansive mountain ranges, acres of flat rural land, and a small-town feel. Bursting with potential, this 2.27-acre lot could be the foundation for your next big mountainside adventure.

Property Information


Property ID (Tax ID or APN #):

Legal Description:
W.H.M. SECTION F BLK 74 LOT 11 CONT. 2.27 AC (234-489)

Road Access:
Dirt Road


Zoning Code:

Zoning Description:
Single-Family dwellings, accessory structures and Mobile Homes outside of mobile home park are permitted after review from Costilla County Zoning dept.

No Electricity, needs well and septic

Yearly Taxes (verified):

*The photos in this listing are not of the actual property itself. They are from a few nearby properties that we sold and give a good indication of what the surrounding area looks like. Please inspect the property in person if possible.

Wild Horse Mesa - Restrictive Covenants

Land Use Codes

Location: Costilla County, Colorado
Listing ID: CO-CST-11/74/WHM-F

Please read the following before you bid!

The Winning Bidder will assume a balance of $14,900.
The amount of your Winning Bid will be deducted from
the assumable balance as your down payment!

This property comes with a 6-year finance option at 8% simple interest
with monthly payments of approximately $265.
Monthly Payment may vary slightly based on final Down Payment Amount.

There is no Prepayment Penalty, and we offer a
5 Percent Discount on your unpaid balance when prepaid in full.


Buyer will receive a 1-Year Parcel Exchange Privilege at no cost.
(Some properties may not be available as an exchange.)

This Parcel is offered with Owner Financing and no qualification to own.

This Parcel is within a Legal Recorded Subdivision or Plat.
This Parcel may be subject to Protective Covenants.
Title insurance is available on all Parcels.
We Guarantee a free and clear Title!

To Obtain more information:

Send an email to

- Or -
Call and speak to Billy directly! 1-800-724-0551

Visit this Link for Auction Terms and more information regarding
Bidding and Participating in this Auction.

Be certain that this land is suitable for your needs
before you place your bid.

It is your responsibility to determine if this
property is suitable for your specific needs!

Be certain that you have no unanswered questions before you place your bid.

The winning bidder will be contacted by email
immediately after the end of the Auction.

The winning bidder must contact me at

within 24 hours after the end of the Auction.

A 'Documents Processing Fee' of $249.00 will apply to each auction,
and covers the cost of document preparation and FedEx Mailings.
This fee is due no later than 10 business days after the auction closes.

Please, do not bid if you find any aspect
of these terms to be disagreeable.

Approximate Latitude/Longitude: 37.088066,-105.456057

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The Winning Bidder will assume a balance of $14,900

The amount of the Winning Bid will be deducted from
the assumable balance as the down payment!

Bid History
$510.00  Bid #7  (Placed on Thu Feb 15 03:55:27 2024)
$500.00  Bid #6  (Placed on Wed Feb 14 13:29:20 2024)
$490.00  Bid #5  (Placed on Wed Feb 14 00:35:00 2024)
$480.00  Bid #4  (Placed on Tue Feb 13 19:38:16 2024)
$470.00  Bid #3  (Placed on Tue Feb 13 07:36:48 2024)
$460.00  Bid #2  (Placed on Tue Feb 13 05:36:21 2024)
$450.00  Bid #1  (Placed on Tue Feb 13 04:47:01 2024)

 (Seller's Reserve Price was not met) 

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