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  1. All of our Land is sold with a 365-day exchange Policy...
  2. ...take up to one year to decide if the land is right for you.
  3. None of our Land has unpaid Back-Taxes...
  4. will never have to pay for a prior owner's unpaid Back-Taxes or fees.
  5. All of our Land is free of Liens or other Encumbrances...
  6. will receive a Title which is guaranteed to be 'Free and Clear'.
  7. All of our Land can be accessed legally by county or private road.
  8. None of our Land is 'land-locked' by surrounding parcels of land...
  9. will never have to cross over another person's land to get to your land.
  10. All of our Land includes the option to be financed, with no Credit Check required.
  11. We have High-Definition Land Videos available for many of our Properties.
  12. went on-line in October of 1997, 19 years and 11 months ago!
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Why are Cheap Monthly Payments an
important consideration when buying Land?
Let's assume you have $10,000 to invest and you purchase a parcel of land for $10,000 in cash. Let's say the land you purchased goes up in value in the first year by 10%. At the end of the first year your land is worth $11,000. At the end of year two, it's worth $12,100. A person is basically getting a 10% return on their $10,000 cash investment each year.
But let's assume that you put only $100 down with $100 monthly payments on the same $10,000 parcel of land. Just like in the previous example, the land has gone up in value to $11,000. And at the end of the second year, it's worth $12,100. By using 'Leverage' your return each year would be '10 TIMES' greater than your initial investment, and the gain in equity outpaces the cost of the financing.
Although there are finance charges associated with this type of purchase, a person is paying off the balance with 'deflating dollars'. For example think back on what $100 was capable of purchasing 10 years ago as compared to today, and what it will purchase 10 years from today. The dollar is shrinking, and inflation is much greater than what we are led to believe.
Thus an investment in land with cheap monthly payments can offer security, future financial rewards, and a hedge against economic inflation.
We have Cheap Monthly Payments starting at $90 per Month!  
147 Residential-Quality Parcels priced less than $200 per Month!

This list shows only land with Monthly Payments
less than $200 per Month.
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 Affordable Alaska Land 1 Parcel priced at $149 per Month 
 Affordable California Land 12 Parcels starting at $123 per Month 
 Affordable Colorado Land 88 Parcels starting at $90 per Month 
 Affordable Florida Land 8 Parcels starting at $135 per Month 
 Affordable Hawaii Land 1 Parcel priced at $159 per Month 
 Affordable Kentucky Land 2 Parcels starting at $128 per Month 
 Affordable Missouri Land 4 Parcels starting at $109 per Month 
 Affordable New Mexico Land 1 Parcel priced at $128 per Month 
 Affordable Oregon Land 22 Parcels starting at $128 per Month 
 Affordable Texas Land 8 Parcels starting at $128 per Month 

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